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SLOO:NY Method Design


Sloomoo Institute, New York

In designing the first Sloomoo Institute, the team endeavored to create a space that houses the vibrant culture of DIY Slime and ASMR—as expressed on social media—with a visceral, yet sophisticated spatial narrative.

SLOO: NY Method Design
SLOO: NY Method Design

This narrative is manifested in a series of surfaces that undulate, expand, and contract within a retail venue in NYC’s SoHo neighborhood.

These interactions are punctuated by experiences conceived in collaboration with artists where objects such as ‘Slime Vats’ encourage further play and discovery.

The result is a vibrant space of discovery where people of all ages engage with their bodies and all five senses in the remarkable world of sensory play.

SLOO: NY Method Design
SLOO: NY Method Design

Sloomoo Institute is the manifestation of sensory play into a space and narrative; for the purposes of reconnecting people with each other and the visceral experience of playing with slime

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