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MEET Method Design

MEET: Chrystie

MEET Hospitality: Chrystie

MEET at Chrystie is the first collaboration between MEET Hospitality and Method Design.

MEET Method Design
MEET Method Design

MEET’s brand—wherein folks converge and brainstorm in an art-rich space of casual and diverse setups—reminded Method of the Louis XV ‘Salon’, where artists presented their work live to their patrons for the purpose of discussion and debate. This type became a diagrammatic model for the project.

The result is a series of large meeting spaces that are complimented by smaller alcoves where break-off meetings and private discussions can occur; or provide a moment of focus while considering a piece of contemporary art. The resulting spaces create a unique and novel contemporary reinterpretation of a historical type for the new age.

By reinterpretation of a historical type, we created a new, fresh way of thinking about how people meet and socialize in a professional setting
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