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Here, every assumption is challenged. Every imposed constraint is deposed. Every easy answer is clearly not the answer. Our work is fearless and unapologetic yet firmly grounded in deep understanding, real-world application, and pragmatism. We do this, not out of principle, but because our clients deserve truly great ideas that make meaningful, lasting value — value that allows them do what they do with greater efficiency and success.
Demetrios A. Comodromos Method Design

Demetrios A. Comodromos, RA

Demetrios Comodromos was educated at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Columbia University. He has worked in New York City for Grimshaw and SHoP Architects, working on large public and cultural institution projects, and worked in Connecticut and Westchester design-building AIA National Award-winning homes. Demetrios has taught at Columbia, Rensselaer’s Center for Architectural Science + Ecology where he was a Professor of Practice, and at Pratt Institute.
Reese J Campbell Method Design

Reese J
Campbell, RA

Reese J Campbell was educated at Arizona State University. Prior to moving to New York, he was a builder in Utah, Arizona, Idaho, and Alaska working on a variety of building and infrastructure projects. Upon moving to New York, he was a project manager and designer at SHoP Architects, and completed a number of the studio’s early marquee and built projects. Reese currently coordinates in the building systems technical sequence at Pratt Institute.

Method Design

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